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Use the base form or the past tense with a plural noun hundreds of thousand (thousands of) users anymore (any more) ve didn't several other (others) good (well) according to knot (not) worse come to worse (worst) prostrate (prostate) shoe-in (shoo) first come, first serve(d) an another (an/another) The you (you) the it (IT) despite of (despite) Missing noun: 'The is the' inspired with (by) accustomed to Articles: unnecessary indefinite article before an uncountable noun wrong preposition: sign into (sign in to) each others’ (other’s) 'every/each' + SINGULAR beware PREPOSITION lose their life (lives) Regarding to (regard to/regarding) wrong preposition: 'exception PREPOSITION the rule' (exception to the rule) Possible agreement error: 'many/several/few' + singular countable noun Numeral (dozen, hundred, thousand, million) without a determiner or a number Plural form of numbers in 'two dozens of' (two dozen) Incorrect possessive form after a number Possible agreement error: numeral + singular countable noun At 7 clock (o'clock) missing comma in 'buy two get one free' missing hyphen in '100 yard house plan' missing hyphen in '2 seat convertible' missing hyphen in 'two headed monster' missing hyphen in '22 inch monitor' missing hyphen in '125 piece puzzle' missing hyphen in '10 degree angle' missing hyphen in 'four car garage' missing hyphen in '8 cylinder engine' missing hyphen in '7 figure salary' missing hyphen in '2 month cycle' missing hyphen in '2 month cycle' missing hyphen in '8 week semester' missing hyphen in '24 hour motel' missing hyphen in '4 season tent' missing hyphen in '2 door coupe' missing hyphen in '2 room apartment' missing hyphen in 'a 32 bit processor' missing hyphen in 'life changing moments' bare bones (bare-bones) hands free (hands-free) A week long (week-long) vacation missing hyphen in 'money back guarantee' missing hyphen in 'red light district' missing hyphen in 'easy going' missing hyphen in 'two factor auth' confusion of 'too' and 'to' Missing hyphen: number + page/step/star Possible agreement error: 'lots/plenty of' + singular countable noun Possible agreement error: 'a lot/bunch/couple of' + singular countable noun according to me (in my opinion) both... as well as (and) payed (paid) because of we (because we) 'kind/type/sort of a/an' if or not (whether or not) equally as (equally) He need (needs) they havn't (haven't) he dosn't (doesn't) Dos vs Does I mite (might) he docent (doesn't) dons't (don't) dosent (doesn't) he wasent (wasn't) he wasen't (wasn't) arn't → aren't isen't → isn't woun't → wouldn't, won't coun't → couldn't, count oud't, oudn't, ould't → ouldn't musn't → mustn't donn't → don't cann't → can't he knowns (knows) it sooths (soothes) he bough (bought) he wos (was) he portraits (portrays) wen't (went) he nows (knows) it drys (dries) he dos (does) They haft (have) to he gos (goes) he delt (dealt) he neds (needs) he mus (must) he suites (suits) he ani't (ani't) he ani't (ani't) I em (am) he dint (didn't) he dident (didn't) he didin't (didn't) is own is was was is Incorrect use of 'is' vs. 'are' Do (Does) anyone to be nothing such as (to be no such thing as) ought + infinitive (ought to + infinitive) wrong order of words Word order: 'more a ...' instead of 'a more ...' Missing past tense for 'used to...' Non-infinitive verb with 'eager to...' Comparison with 'the same ... as' Comparison with 'as' 'must to' instead of 'have to' would never done (have done) will becoming (be coming) Short superlatives 'least' before comparative or superlative 'less' before comparative or superlative No 'more' or 'most' before superlatives THE + RELATIVE + OF, e.g. the worse (worst) of Latinate comparatives (e.g. superior than/to) SUPERLATIVE + THAN, e.g. worst (worse) than This weeks' (week's) it's depending on (it depends on) Missing definite article referring to a time period Articles: 'most/some of' + plural noun Pronoun + noun I personal (personally) Take it personal (personally) as will (well) as He has uses (used) the switch have twitter (have Twitter / have twittered) one woman, two women one man, two men one foot, two feet (e)specially one die, two dice Agreement: 'one' + plural word I have a 20 cars (I have 20 cars) number (of) years couples of times (couple of times) a hundreds (hundred) these/those ones (these/those) let's don't (let's not) don't will (won't) Verb missing after personal pronoun and adverb at beginning of sentence. 'The' or 'a' before a punctuation Sentence ending with 'the' or 'a' Adverb instead of an adjective Adverb instead of noun congratulations for (on) on (at) first glance Use of past form with 'going to ...' Adverb repetition: e.g. 'also see also' 'it' + non-3rd person verb 3rd person verb (base verb) after what/who 'does' ... 3rd person verb (base verb) do you found (find) do you sings (sing) if I would have (if I had) very thanks (thanks a lot) be fined with (be fine with) Ya'll (Y'all) area 51 (Area 51) hover board (hoverboard) operation (operating) system hyphen in 'man made' missing hyphen in 'call to action' Barca or Barça Materiel (matériel or material) Compere (compère or compare) Manege (manège or manage) missing hyphen in 'password protected area' missing hyphen in 'catch-all' missing hyphen in 'anti-Semitism' take away (takeaway) missing hyphens in 'day to day' missing hyphen in 'Afro American' missing hyphen in 'open heart' missing hyphens in 'step-by-step' missing hyphen in 'in ear' missing hyphen in 'set top box' hyphen in 'first person shooter' missing hyphen in 'so called' missing hyphen in 'end-to-end missing hyphen in 'dry erase' missing hyphen in 'much needed' missing hyphen in 'open plan' missing hyphen in 'high end' missing hyphen in 'run on' missing hyphen in 'run on' missing hyphen in 'low hanging fruit' runnner-up missing hyphen in 'push up bra' missing hyphens in 'soon to be' missing hyphen in 'mail in' missing hyphen in 'toss up' missing hyphen in 'one term president' missing hyphen in 'one night stand' missing hyphen in 'work life balance' a/the + thank you Red-Nosed Reindeer Emmanuel Macron 'Ndrangheta Société Générale Los Angels (Los Angeles) Cap Coral Lehman Brothers New Zeeland (Zealand) Forest (Forrest) Gump Earl Grey Erdogan (Erdoğan) Sau Paulo (São Paulo) Sainsbury's Wendy's Kellogg's Uncle Bens -> Ben's traveler's check Dominos Pizza King's College Jack Daniel's Lockheed Martin Victoria's Secret Moore's Law Sam's Club Queen's Gambit Schitt's Creek McDonald's 737 max (Max) Bitcoin Delta Air Lines Objective-C Jay Z (Jay-Z) Band Aid (Band-Aid) Alka Seltzer (Alker-Seltzer) Rolls Royce (Rolls-Royce) Saint Tropez (Saint-Tropez) Merriam Webster (Merriam-Webster) Assassin's Creed Coldplay Grey's Anatomy Long Island iced tea Coca Cola (Coca-Cola) PayPal YouTube JavaScript Santa Clause (Claus) Jesus Chris (Christ) T-rex (T. rex) Ronald Reagan Salvador Dalí Ringo Starr Jennifer Aniston Werner (Wernher) von Braun Barrack Obama -> Barack Obama Call of Duty Air Bnb (Airbnb) Carnegie Mellon Leroy Sané GitHub Eifel (Eiffel) WhatsApp Harper's Bazaar Gmail PowerShell vitamin C bon appétit SpaceX the third-party Is (are) there any chances a + complain/restrain the + headquarter ever day (every day) ever day (every day) A have been (I have been) an + are the (they, there) are you hav (have) seas vs. sees Have a bless (blessed) day a scissor (scissors) the/a welsh (Welsh) the hot-dog (hot dog) 'they ware' vs 'they were' Noun following 'who' 'will like to' (would like to) 'arrive' + proper noun ('arrive in' + proper noun) the ... and the ... is (are) many kinds of + singular noun Wrong preposition: 'be fond to' (be fond of) to/will before withdrawn verb before 'gave' essentially wrong preposition: 'learn sth on do' (to do) wrong preposition: 'On addition' (In addition) be use (used) to it is ... to doing (do) missing 'I' in 'am I' Had + verb present tense Missing verb (some cases) have having → have been having 've having → 've been having prefer to [gerund] → [base form] be interesting (interested) in is cause (caused) by 'some' + sing. noun + verb is even worst (worse) neither X or Y (neither X nor Y) some faculty... (some faculty members...) we + ... + are + base form verb (gerund) people + 3rd person verb a fleet of ships have (has) Pokémon Go Plural of Pokémon Pokémon a fleet of ships are (is) Two modal verbs in a row (could should) too ADJECTIVE to incorrect pronoun as subject ('Her loves me.') possessive case after with(out)/at/in/to/... objective case after with(out)/at/to/... missing verb (can what / can see what) missing verb (dont't what / dont't know what) do you what (do you know what) Who + verb (who know's/knows) all/most/some (of) + noun Thanks in advanced (advance) Missing preposition: explain (to) Missing preposition: allow (to) do rely on can able to (can) will follows be ('he is would') inflected form of 'be' ask + object (no preposition) Let + object getted (got) a bit (of) proper capitalization of 'State of the Union' many time (times) He is to making (is making) can (do) anything for you missing 'to' after 'able' missing 'be' in 'to able' missing 'be' in 'will able' to also (to) go writed (wrote) jailbreaked (jailbroke) bended (bent) casted (cast) striked (struck) bidded (bid) choosed (chose) splitted (split) if need (needed) We ill (will) do wud like (would like) If it (it is) ok for you a it (bit) more most of the times (time) idk (IDK) petal to the metal be + adverb + be I am don't (not) sure is well know Your loves (loved) one Frequently Asked Questions hitch hike (hitchhike) Aircrafts Aftermarket buenos días In this regards (regard) Now are (is) the time rain bow (rainbow) sea food (seafood) wheel chair (wheelchair) space ship (spaceship) life style (lifestyle) law breaker (lawbreaker) key hole (keyhole) share holder (shareholder) sky scraper (skyscraper) smart phone (smartphone) motor bike (motorbike) wide spread (widespread) news paper (newspaper) cock tail (cocktail) down stairs (downstairs) super market (supermarket) missing hyphen in 'off key' missing hyphen in 'subject matter expert' kick start (kick-start) missing hyphens in 'know it all' bar keeper (barkeeper) pay roll (payroll) fire fighter (firefighter) trouble maker (troublemaker) steel worker (steelworker) ghost writer (ghostwriter) back log (backlog) house hold (household) home land (homeland) land lord (landlord) any how (anyhow) head ache (headache) down load (download) up date (update) market place (marketplace) hair style (hairstyle) soft ware (software) whole sale (wholesale) space ship (spaceship) grave yard (graveyard) counter part (counterpart) news worthy (newsworthy) boy friend (boyfriend) trade mark (trademark) neighbor hood (neighborhood) law suit (lawsuit) home owner (homeowner) dead line (deadline) bomb shell (bombshell) foot print (footprint) business woman (businesswoman) business man (businessman) stale mate (stalemate) head shot (thunderstorm) thunder storm (thunderstorm) country side (countryside) day light (daylight) eye brow/lash/lid/sight/sore (eyebrow/eyelash/eyelid/eyesight/eyesore) key note (keynote) life long breast plate (breastplate) swim suit (swimsuit) mail box (mailbox) step father (stepfather) cyber security (cybersecurity) bed room (bedroom) bull dog (bulldog) fine tune (fine-tune) further more (furthermore) other wise (otherwise) missing hyphen in 'clear cut' slut-shame Miami-Dade Miami-Dade missing hyphen in 'late-term' editor-in-chief Sound (sounds) great That cool (That is cool) couldve (could've) in term (terms) of in term (terms) of He's the best of all times I won't (want) to be It would be great (to) write under cover (undercover) hard working (hardworking) hand cuff (handcuff) be wilder (bewilder) car pool (carpool) tail gate (tailgate) day dreaming (daydreaming) likely hood (likelihood) Persona non grata full fill (fulfill) you're aren't in sane (insane) I did no (not) have I am no (not) coming I can no (not) speak English speak Americano (American English) nee (née) What is you (your) windows-based (Windows-based) pre 2010 (pre-2010) a to I would won't (want) molotov (Molotov) cocktail homo (Homo) sapiens homo (Homo) erectus gini (Gini) coefficient He'd wrote (write / written) He've (He has) hardwares → pieces of hardware softwares → pieces of software her's (here's) none the less (nonetheless) confusion of is seeming/seems In loved (love) with ladies and gentleman (gentlemen) Who do (does) that? What did happened (happen)? this (these) two men This tools (These tools) I know what to sent (send) All car (cars) I didn't spoke (speak) I didn't saw (see) missing verb before 'not' firstly (first) of all I'm might (I might) be please be prepare (prepared) missing apostrophe in 'seasons greetings' This (These) two are happy unexpected noun after 'to' missing verb in question all intensive purposes (all intents and purposes) wolfs vs wolves Please(d) to meet you In a trouble a bachelors (bachelor's) in X not longer -> no longer Need to (be) aware of Don't let any negativity to affect (affect) you I got most of it did (done) yesterday Missing verb after 'don't' I have following (the following) questions Excited for (about) not never a feedback et al (at all) Repeated verb forms which include but are not limited too (to) Bayern vs Bavaria Wien vs Vienna play ed (played) They's (They'd) already read his biography She brought some things that isn't (aren't) on the list He bought one that work (works) underwater he has starting (started) doing that please not do this (please don't do this) thank you for bring (bringing) this missing pronoun after 'where/when/how/why' either of the car (cars) this will help him sleeps (sleep) for (the) inconvenience dob't What is (the) reason? if you (have) further questions This is has (has/is) as mention (mentioned) as sad (said) as discuss (discussed) on the look out (lookout) It (is) time to ... These are some of the affects (effects) we've seen the and There are thousands of add-on(s) available It has work (worked) for confusion singed/signed You need to sign-in (sign in) somewhere Additional (Additionally) Where you from? There are (is) a ... Use 'to' before the base form of a verb After auxiliary 'do', use the base form of a verb Use an adverb or a compound adjective, not an adjective Missing verb: PRONOUN + NOUN (VERB) custom build (custom-build) 'thanks giving' (Thanksgiving) Missing: 't Missing hyphen in a compound adjective before a noun thereafter after noon (afternoon) week end (weekend) Repetition of two words ('at the at the') much worst (worse) In the us (US) Two consecutive articles, e.g. 'the a' 'was I am doing' (etc.) missing article missing article before 'BE + MOST + ADJECTIVE + NOUN' missing article before 'BE + ADJECTIVE + way' mean something for (to) somebody ARTICLE ADJECTIVE of Sentence is a fragment form y (for my) goof (good) ad (and) misspelled tips and tricks Double negative (e.g., 'not... nothing' instead of 'not... anything') Possible agreement error: 'many/several/few' + uncountable noun Missing noun after an adjective 'much' + countable noun, e.g. 'much (many) children' '19 century' (19th century) missing hyphen in '1000 word essay' missing hyphen in '3 course meal' missing hyphen in '4 wheel drive' missing hyphen in '30 carat gold' missing hyphen in '10 story window' The post it (post-it) note guest edit (guest-edit) 'ten fold' written as one word confusion of 'two' and 'to' Possible agreement error: 'a + collective noun + of' + singular countable noun Possible agreement error 'there was' + plural noun Possible agreement error 'there're' + singular noun Possible agreement error 'there's' + plural noun Wrong usage of modal verbs in questions 'I afraid of' (I'm afraid of) 'afraid of' + singular confusion of cause vs. because can't help but (can't help + gerund) has ought (ought) Agreement error: past participle without 'have' I (was) born in the USA Agreement error: Non-third person/past tense verb with 'he/she/it' or a pronoun He like (likes) me He going (He is going) how (are) you doing' I belive (believe) I emphasis (emphasize) She bents (bends) I priorities (prioritize) we ned (need) to they don (don't) it sais (says) he his (is) A would not do it Your're (you're) he wonts (wants) we fond (found) he haves (has) do (does) he have Agreement error: Third-person verb with a non-third-person pronoun Missing past tense with '...last year/month/etc.' Comparison with 'than', e.g. 'bigger then (than)' Non-infinitive verb after did/does Non-infinitive verb after modal verbs it would (be) appreciated more old vs. older Determiners preceding geographical terms Zero or indefinite article ('a'/'an') before superlatives Worlds (World's) Best No 'more' or 'most' before comparatives Superfluous article before 'much', e.g. 'a much work' 'this' vs. 'these' Progressive forms of non-progressive verbs (doubt, believe, understand) 'advise', 'help' and 'remind' used with gerund instead of infinitive 'admit', 'appreciate', 'avoid', 'enjoy' etc. with a base form of a verb 'afford', 'choose', 'deserve', 'pretend', 'learn', 'strive', 'want' and 'struggle' used with gerund instead of infinitive 'allow' + 'to' + infinitive Articles: article missing before a countable noun Missing definite article in the date Articles before nouns used normally without them Articles: a + uncountable noun 'many/few' + uncountable noun, e.g. 'many (much) food' 'to' + non-base form Agreement: 'I is / you is / ... ' Agreement of relative pronoun 'who' and verb Agreement: Mass/singular noun + non-third-person verb Agreement: 'been' or 'was' + past tense can be access (accessed) confusion of ride/right Were they send (sent) via WhatsApp? Agreement: 'have' + past/present tense Agreement: 'a' + plural word agreement error: auxiliary verb (do/have) and subject in questions Possible agreement error: plural noun + singular verb Possible agreement error: singular noun + plural verb Possible agreement error: Each of them likes their (his/her) 'information' as a plural noun 'each' or 'every' with plural nouns was been (has been) want that I (want me to) a quite while (quite a while) does ... 3rd person verb don't ... 3rd person verb Use of continuous form with non-action verbs 'did' with past tense verb could/should/must be does (done) does (do) I/you/we/they fewer with countable nouns (less) Preposition + who (whom) between he and… (between him and…) confusion of though/thought hyphen in 'write up' missing hyphen in 'simple to use' missing hyphen in 'do it yourself' missing hyphen in 'to do' 're do' spelled as one word Open Office (OpenOffice) shutdown (shut down) handover (hand over) missing hyphen in 'double click' (verb) hyphen in 'opt in/out' missing hyphen in 'go to' hyphens in 'all-you-can-eat' missing hyphen in 'built in' missing hyphen in 'logged in' missing hyphen in 'no-go' a zero day (zero-day) exploit missing hyphens in 'all-in-one' missing hyphen in 'all-wheel' missing hyphen in 'all girls' missing hyphen in 'all time high' missing hyphen in 'all knowing' missing hyphen in 'fact check' missing hyphen in 'prime time television' missing hyphen in '2 person meeting' missing hyphen in '2 mile race' missing hyphen in 'twin-engined missing hyphen in 'low cost' missing hyphen in 'same sex' the how to (how-to) missing hyphen in 'in app' missing hyphen in 'many to many' missing hyphen in 'wake up call' missing hyphen in 'one night stand' missing hyphen in 'one stop' missing hyphen in 'hands on' missing hyphen in 'top down' a/the attach proper noun 'mar-a-lago' Dunkin' Donuts Snickers (proper noun) Windows (proper noun) Ursula von der Leyen TikTok Kim Jong-un FedEx L’Oréal Super Tuesday Côte d’Azur April Fools' Day 7-Eleven Mercedes Benz (Mercedes-Benz) Z-Wave Kama Sutra Black Lives Matter lithium ion battery Best Buy Johns Hopkins University Walter Reed Hospital COVID-19 Microsoft product names Mac OS (macOS) Apple product names north pole (North Pole) capitalization of 'Opera' (browser) Google product names In excel (Excel) Let's talk on skype (Skype) twitter (Twitter) goggle vs. Google a/the + proper noun Proper noun: Markdown president trump (Trump) White House Fox News gameboy (game boy) a/the + install the + add on the + verb 'an' vs. 'and' vs. 'any' He complaint/restraint (complained/restrained) make heave (heavy) use of confusion of 'beg' vs 'bag' speak (speech) high light (highlight) 'want' vs. 'one' have a (I) been cod (code) the (they) wold vs. would Hyphen in 'must have/see' 'the built' Correct use of 'cc' In a harry (hurry) a infinitive having a stoke (stroke) 'afford', 'choose', etc. used with base form instead of infinitive wrong preposition: 'discuss about something' (discuss something) wrong preposition: 'happen with' (happen to) wrong preposition with times 'on (at) 7:30 p.m.' needn't to do(do) should be do (done) 'too' in negation (either) superlative + 'of all other' either X nor Y one of the JJR + plural this + plural noun + verb (these) Plural verb after 'this' or 'that' Singular verb after 'these' or 'those' base form after I/you/we/they missing verb after 'if there' graduate from the and (end) depend on august (August) conditional clause (a) bunch of (a) bit Copy (and) paste 'is too high than' vs. 'is higher than' that's you're (that you're) missing verb after 'will/can/could/would' if you (have) any You good? (Are you good?) missing 'be' before 'able' Kind regard (regards) missing verb between 'it' and adjective maybe vs. may be He scary (He is scary) We the best (missing verb) confusion of 'it' and 'its' it it (it is) missing 'be' in 'Would it possible' duplicated use of 'have' going to (be / too) great be come (become) the work around (workaround) feed back (feedback) over complicated (overcomplicated) under appreciate (underappreciate) make up (makeup) Spiderman Happy Easter air line (air line) web site (website) park way (parkway) missing hyphen in 'per user basis' out break (outbreak) in door (indoor) before hand (beforehand) on boarding (onboarding) drop-ship foot ball (football) cross-check missing hyphen in 'right/left click' missing hyphen in 'daisy chain' missing hyphen in 'guilt trip' compound verb 'dead lift' missing hyphen in 'strong arm' missing hyphen in 'roller skate' missing hyphen in 'role play' missing hyphen in 'day trade' missing hyphen in 'double check/click/cross/park' problem-solve That sound (sounds) cool in the mean time (meantime) don't aren't okey-dokey heart breaking (heartbreaking) weather proof (weatherproof) show case (showcase) pick up (pickup) slo-mo led (LED) You r (You are) U're (You're) I ma (am) please + wrong verb form a cappella I no (don't) speak English I have no (not) checked Who did you seen (see)? suppose (supposed) to It is A ok (A-OK) thank full (thankful) in (on) Monday born in (on) 10th of June duplicate 'have' Possible agreement error: plural noun + singular verb their's (theirs) Missing 'to': It's possible do it I'm haven't (I haven't) redundant verb after verb There (are) a lot of … He is never be (He has never been) to sent (send) as (it) is happening Thanks (for) your help missing verb after 'this' Was (were) there many ... I not sure (I am not sure) 'look forward' not followed by 'to' Can you make it working (work) again? bare infinitive required after causative verbs or verbs of perception is + VBZ I staid (stayed) at home Noun vs verb thank (thanks) in advance if (we/they/you) need something a heads-up and but I vs me redundant determiner some times (time) Repetition of pronouns Can I sent (send) it? Hyphens in 'pre- and post-noun' perfect tense + since [determiner] + [plural noun] verb agreement climb on to (onto) Does anybody would (Would anybody) Subject-verb agreement plural Subject-verb agreement I have to do laundry while its (it's) still sunny missing 'to' after 'look forward' What (is) up? plural subjects The report that describe(s|d) it in detail is missing The skin darkens form (from) pink to purplish brown fresh up -> freshen up spoked (spoke/spoken) Who send (sends) the documents/how is (are) the kids doing SV agreement, subjects containing clauses - plural SV agreement, subjects containing clauses - sing. Subject-verb agreement error after conjunction Did you have entered (Have you entered|Did you enter) your PIN? Words that doesn't (don't) I am (I) + VERB BASE have its (has its/have their) this (these) all there is (are) a lot of Are we have (Do we have) How many cards are (is) that? the some cars (some cars) undos (undoes) Is (it) possible to ...?
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