Common mistake thunder storm (thunderstorm)

Common Spelling Mistake: Thunder Storm

Do you love watching thunderstorms from the safety of your home? The power and beauty of nature during a thunderstorm can be awe-inspiring. However, even though thunderstorms are a common occurrence, there is a surprisingly common spelling mistake that many people make when referring to this weather phenomenon.

The Correct Spelling: Thunderstorm

The correct spelling of the weather event is thunderstorm, with the word thunder and storm combined together as one word. It is important to remember that thunder and storm are two components that describe the event, and thus, they should be written as a single unit.

Using the incorrect form of spelling, thunder storm, can make your writing appear unprofessional or sloppy. Therefore, it is crucial to be aware of this common spelling mistake and correct it when necessary.


  • Incorrect: The dark clouds indicate a possible thunder storm tonight.
  • Correct: The dark clouds indicate a possible thunderstorm tonight.

By using the correct spelling, thunderstorm, in your writing, you demonstrate a strong command of the English language and attention to detail. This will help you to convey your ideas more effectively and professionally.

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thunder storm (thunderstorm) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    They were thunder struck by this revelation.

    They were thunderstruck by this revelation.

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