Common mistake operation (operating) system

Common Mistake: Operation (Operating) System

One common mistake that people make when referring to computer systems is using the word 'operation' instead of 'operating' when talking about the software that manages and controls the hardware.

The correct term is 'operating system.' Unfortunately, this mistake is quite common and can be found in various written and spoken communications.

The Difference between 'Operation' and 'Operating'

To better understand this common mistake, it's important to clarify the difference between 'operation' and 'operating.'

  • 'Operation' refers to the act or process of functioning or working. It is a noun that generally describes the action or performance of something.
  • 'Operating' is the present participle form of the verb 'operate.' It refers to the action of controlling or managing a machine, system, or process.

So, when it comes to computer systems, the correct term is 'operating,' as it describes the ongoing action and management of the software that enables the hardware to function.

Examples of Incorrect Usage

Let's take a look at a few examples that demonstrate the incorrect usage of 'operation' in the context of computer systems:

  • "I need help with my operation system."
  • "The operation system crashed, and I lost all my data."
  • "Our company is developing a new operation system."

To correct these sentences, replace 'operation' with 'operating':

  • "I need help with my operating system."
  • "The operating system crashed, and I lost all my data."
  • "Our company is developing a new operating system."

Linguix Grammar Checker can help you avoid this common mistake by highlighting instances of 'operation' system and suggesting the correct term 'operating' system.

operation (operating) system mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    The Windows operation system was invented by Bill Gates.

    The Windows operating system was invented by Bill Gates.

  • Correct:
    The operating system has a Linux kernel.
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