Common mistake house hold (household)

Common Spelling Mistake: "House Hold" instead of "Household"

One common mistake that we often come across is the incorrect spelling of the word "household" as "house hold." It's important to note that the proper spelling of this word is "household," not "house hold."

The Correct Spelling: Household

The word household is used to describe a group of people who live together in the same living space, typically sharing common resources, responsibilities, and expenses.


  • Our household consists of five family members.

The word "household" is formed by combining the noun "house" and the noun "hold." However, when used together to describe a specific concept, they are joined to form a single word, "household."


  • I have many household chores to complete before the guests arrive.

Using "house hold" instead of "household" can lead to confusion and is considered incorrect. It's important to pay attention to spelling details to ensure effective communication in writing.

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house hold (household) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    She does all the cleaning because she is a house maid.

    She does all the cleaning because she is a housemaid.

  • Correct:
    My house works like my office.
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