Common mistake life long

Common Mistake: Life Long

The correct spelling of the adjective that means "lasting or existing throughout the entire life" is lifelong, written as one word.


It is a common mistake to write "life long" as two separate words. However, the correct form is the compound word "lifelong."


  • She has been his lifelong friend since childhood.
  • His passion for music is lifelong; he has been playing since he was a child.
  • Meditation can have lifelong benefits for mental health.

Linguix Grammar Checker:

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life long mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    They had a life long relationship.

    They had a lifelong relationship.

  • Correct:
    While scholars of Kant's life long accepted the claim, there is no evidence that Kant's paternal line was Scottish.
  • Correct:
    In all, the positive view of Soviet life long presented to the public by the official media was rapidly fading.
  • Correct:
    She was a part of my life long ago.
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