Common mistake make heave (heavy) use of

Common Grammar Mistakes: Make Heave (Heavy) Use Of

Grammar mistakes are something that many people struggle with, and it's not surprising since the English language is full of complexities. One common mistake that often occurs is the misuse of words that sound similar but have different meanings and spellings. In this article, we will focus on the mistake of using "heave" instead of "heavy" and how to correct it.

The Mistake: Make Heave Use Of

The phrase "make heave use of" is a common error made by individuals who confuse the word "heave" with "heavy." The correct phrase should be "make heavy use of." Let's see how this mistake occurs and how it can be avoided.

The Confusion: Heave vs. Heavy

"Heave" and "heavy" are two distinct words with different meanings. "Heave" is a verb that means to lift or haul something with force, like heaving a heavy object over a fence. On the other hand, "heavy" is an adjective describing something that has a weight greater than average or is burdensome.

The confusion between these two words arises due to their similar pronunciation and the incorrect assumption that "make heave use of" sounds more sophisticated or formal. However, using the word "heave" in this context is grammatically incorrect and can lead to confusion for readers or listeners.

The Correction: Make Heavy Use Of

To correct the mistake, it is important to replace "heave" with the correct word, which is "heavy." The phrase should be "make heavy use of." By using "heavy," the intended meaning is conveyed accurately, and the sentence becomes grammatically correct.


  • Incorrect: Make heave use of your resources to achieve success.
  • Correct: Make heavy use of your resources to achieve success.

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make heave (heavy) use of mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    I'm looking at code that makes heave use of UFCS.

    I'm looking at code that makes heavy use of UFCS.

  • Incorrect:
    He's making a heave use of them.

    He's making a heavy use of them.

  • Correct:
    He's making such heavy use of it.
  • Incorrect:
    There's fairly heave use of java.

    There's fairly heavy use of java.

  • Incorrect:
    You can witness a heave use of social media in the last decade.

    You can witness a heavy use of social media in the last decade.

  • Incorrect:
    Java is in heave use at LanguageTool.

    Java is in heavy use at LanguageTool.

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