Common mistake many kinds of + singular noun

Common Grammar Mistake: Using "many kinds of" with a Singular Noun

English grammar can be tricky, and it's not uncommon to come across mistakes that even native speakers make. One common error that often goes unnoticed is using the phrase "many kinds of" with a singular noun.

The Rule

When we use the phrase "many kinds of," it should be followed by a plural noun. The word "kinds" indicates that there is more than one of something.

The Mistake

Here's an example of this error:

  • Incorrect: There are many kinds of dog in the park.
  • Correct: There are many kinds of dogs in the park.

In this case, "dog" is a singular noun, so it should not be preceded by "kinds of." Instead, we need to use the plural form "dogs" to match the meaning of the phrase.

Correct Usage

Let's take a look at some proper examples:

  • There are many kinds of fruits in the supermarket.
  • I saw many kinds of flowers in the garden.
  • She has tried many kinds of ice cream.

Notice that in each of these examples, the noun following "many kinds of" is plural, indicating that there are multiple types or varieties of that particular noun.

Note: To avoid such mistakes, you can use a reliable grammar checker like Linguix, which quickly identifies and corrects grammatical errors.

many kinds of + singular noun mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    There are many kinds of book in the shop.

    There are many kinds of books in the shop.

  • Correct:
    How Many Kinds Of Immigrant Visas Does It Take To Staff A Startup?
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