Common mistake market place (marketplace)

Common Mistake: Market Place

One common mistake that people often make when writing is using the term "market place" as two separate words instead of the correct spelling, "marketplace," as one word.

Incorrect: "I went to the market place yesterday."

Correct: "I went to the marketplace yesterday."


The term "marketplace" refers to a physical or virtual location where goods are bought and sold. It can be an actual physical market, an online platform, or any place where trading occurs.

When used as one word, "marketplace" is a noun that describes a specific location or concept. On the other hand, when used as two separate words "market place," they can have a different meaning altogether. "Market" refers to the buying and selling of goods, while "place" refers to a location. So if you say "market place" separately, you are referring to a physical location where markets are held, rather than the concept of the marketplace itself.

In many cases, the mistaken use of "market place" may be due to the association with the phrase "shopping mall." However, it's important to remember that the correct spelling is "marketplace."

Correct Usage Examples:

  • "I bought this shirt from an online marketplace."
  • "We visited a local marketplace while traveling."
  • "She set up a stall in the marketplace to sell her handmade jewelry."

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market place (marketplace) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    They are selling their fruits at a market place.

    They are selling their fruits at a marketplace.

  • Correct:
    He lives at 130 Market Place.
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