Common mistake law breaker (lawbreaker)

Common Grammar Mistake: Law Breaker

One common grammar mistake that many people make is misspelling the compound noun "law breaker" as two separate words "law breaker." However, the correct spelling is to write it as one word, "lawbreaker."

Understanding Compound Nouns

Compound nouns are nouns that are made up of two or more words. They can be written as one word, separate words, or hyphenated words depending on their usage and the specific style guide being followed. In the case of "law breaker," it is considered a compound noun that should be written as one word.

Examples of Incorrect and Correct Usage

Incorrect: The police arrested the law breaker.
Correct: The police arrested the lawbreaker.

Incorrect: The judge sentenced the law breaker to five years in prison.
Correct: The judge sentenced the lawbreaker to five years in prison.

Using Linguix Grammar Checker

Linguix grammar checker is an online tool that can help you avoid common grammar mistakes like misspelling compound words. By using Linguix, you can easily identify and correct any errors in your writing, ensuring that your grammar is accurate and professional.

law breaker (lawbreaker) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    He went to jail because he is a law breaker.

    He went to jail because he is a lawbreaker.

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