Common mistake the + headquarter

Common Mistake: Using "the" with "headquarter"

Have you ever said or heard someone say "the headquarter"? If so, you are not alone. This common mistake involves using the definite article "the" before the word "headquarter", which is incorrect.

The Correct Usage: "Headquarters"

The correct noun to describe a corporate head office is "headquarters". While "headquarter" is a verb that means to establish or set up a central location, the noun form requires an -s at the end.

Incorrect: The headquarter of the company is located in New York.

Correct: The headquarters of the company are located in New York.

The word "headquarters" is already plural, so there is no need to use "the" before it. Using "the" with "headquarter" is an unnecessary error that can easily be corrected.

If you are unsure about the plural form of a word or want to avoid other common grammar mistakes, you can use a grammar checker like Linguix. It provides helpful suggestions and corrections to improve your writing.

the + headquarter mistake examples

  • Correct:
    Google is headquartered in Mountain View
  • Correct:
    Google's headquarters are in Mountain View
  • Incorrect:
    I wanted to visit Google's headquarter.

    I wanted to visit Google's headquarters.

  • Incorrect:
    Amazon built their new headquarter in Seattle.

    Amazon built their new headquarters in Seattle.

  • Incorrect:
    More than 1,000 employees work in the corporate headquarter.

    More than 1,000 employees work in the corporate headquarters.

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