Common mistake week end (weekend)

Common Mistake: Week End

One common mistake in English is the incorrect spelling and usage of the term "week end." Many people often write it as two separate words instead of the correct form "weekend."

The Correct Form: Weekend

The correct term to use is "weekend," which is a noun and refers to the two days that follow the working week, typically Saturday and Sunday. It is important to remember that "weekend" is a single word, and it should not be separated into two distinct words.


  • Incorrect: I cannot wait for the week end so I can relax.
  • Correct: I cannot wait for the weekend so I can relax.

Using the correct spelling and form of "weekend" is important for clear and effective communication in written English. Incorrectly writing it as "week end" can lead to confusion and may be seen as a careless error in writing.

It is always helpful to use a reliable grammar checker like Linguix to spot and correct such errors. Linguix is a powerful tool that can help you improve your writing by pointing out grammar mistakes, suggesting alternative words, and offering style recommendations.

week end (weekend) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    We went golfing on the week end.

    We went golfing on the weekend.

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