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For professionals

For casual writing

A complete toolkit for marketing teams.
per user, per month.
Paid annually
Everything in Pro, plus:
Team management
Team shortcuts
Account roles and permissions
Brand voice control features

Writing performance reports

Quality report

Okta single sign-on

API on demand

* On-premise installation options

* on Enterprise plans

Personal PRO
Advanced suggestions for professionals.
per month,
paid annually
Everything in Free, plus:
  • Advanced corrections for higher conversions
  • Writing insights on the go
  • Unlimited content rewriter
  • Shortcuts/canned responses
  • PDF export in the Web Editor
Basic writing corrections.
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • All Linguix Apps
  • Data security & privacy

Eliminate grammar errors.


Eliminate punctuation errors.


Eliminate spelling errors.

advanced corrections


Writing insights

Secret mode

Word definitions

Style guide

Shared documents

Team dashboard


Writing resources

Team management



Expensing and maintaining preferred payment methods are a breeze with centralized account billing.

Bypass the support queue for the individual users.


Questions & Answers
What is the difference between Free and PRO?

The Free plan is great to get started and scratch the surface of the powerful Linguix content quality management platform.
With our PRO plan you get an unlimited AI writing toolkit for improving marketing and sales content. This means no usage-based limits, advanced writing recommendations for higher ROI and conversions as well as productivity features.

What is a Team Plan?

Team Plan allows you to onboard the whole your marketing team and collaborate on the content, while keeping an eye on performance and control your brand voice with shared shortcuts/canned responses and styleguides that include approved and banned terms.

How will I be billed?

Once you’ve chosen your PRO plan length, you can purchase immediately. The renewals will be made according to your selected payment terms: either every month or year. Team and Enterprise plans are eligible for invoice-based billing.

Can I pay using PayPal?

Absolutely! Proceed to checkout to choose the payment method. We support both cards and PayPal checkout, so there will be no problems!

What happens if I downgrade?

You will still be able to use your PRO benefits through the paid period. After that, your account will be switched to our free plan. No content will be lost or locked, you will use Linguix as before, but with some usage-based limitations.