Common mistake hyphen in 'first person shooter'

Common Mistake: Incorrect Usage of Hyphens in Compound Modifiers

One common mistake that people often make is the incorrect usage of hyphens in compound modifiers. Compound modifiers are two or more words that work together to modify a noun. When these modifiers are placed before a noun, they need to be hyphenated to indicate that they are working together as a single unit.


Incorrect: I enjoy playing first person shooter games.

Correct: I enjoy playing first-person shooter games.

In the incorrect example, the compound modifier "first person shooter" is not hyphenated, resulting in confusion and potentially changing the meaning of the sentence. By hyphenating "first-person," it becomes clear that all three words collectively modify the noun "shooter."

This rule applies to various compound modifiers such as adjectives, adverbs, and nouns.


  • Incorrect: She bought a brand new car.
  • Correct: She bought a brand-new car.
  • Incorrect: The fast paced movie kept me entertained.
  • Correct: The fast-paced movie kept me entertained.
  • Incorrect: He is a well known actor.
  • Correct: He is a well-known actor.

By using hyphens correctly, we ensure clarity and maintain the intended meaning of our sentences. To avoid such mistakes, it is always helpful to use a grammar checker like Linguix, which can instantly spot and correct hyphenation errors.

hyphen in 'first person shooter' mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    He was playing a first person shooter.

    He was playing a first-person shooter.

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