Common mistake a cappella

Common Grammar Mistakes: A cappella

One of the most common grammar mistakes people make is the incorrect usage of the term "a cappella." Often, people write it as "acapella" or "aca pella," but the correct form is "a cappella" with two "p"s and two "l"s.

What does it mean?

A cappella is an Italian term that means "in the manner of the chapel" or "in the style of the church." In the musical context, it refers to singing without instrumental accompaniment.

Correct usage:

  • The choir performed an exquisite a cappella rendition of the hymn.
  • They sang the song a cappella, without any musical instruments.

Incorrect usage:

  • The group decided to sing acapella at the concert.
  • She prefers singing acapella, it feels more authentic to her.

It is important to note that incorrect usage of "a cappella" not only shows grammatical errors but also demonstrates a lack of understanding of the term's meaning.

Linguix grammar checker is a helpful tool to avoid making such common grammar mistakes.

a cappella mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    The choir sang the chants a capella.

    The choir sang the chants a cappella.

  • Incorrect:
    The choir sang the chants acapella.

    The choir sang the chants a cappella.

  • Correct:
    She is a managing director of Acappella Ventures LLC.
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