Common mistake day light (daylight)

Common Spelling Mistake: Day light vs. Daylight

When it comes to spelling certain words, it's easy to get confused with similar-looking options. One such example is the spelling of "day light" versus "daylight."

Correct spelling: daylight

Let's delve into the correct usage and spelling of this word to ensure that you can confidently use it in your writing.

The Correct Spelling: Daylight

The correct way to spell the word is "daylight," without a space in between. The word refers to the light that comes from the sun during the daytime.

Here are a few examples of how to correctly use "daylight" in sentences:

  • I love waking up early and enjoying the natural daylight.
  • Please remember to close the curtains and block out the daylight.
  • The room feels so much brighter with the daylight streaming in through the windows.
  • During winter, the days become shorter, and there is less daylight.

Using "daylight" as one word ensures that your writing is consistent and follows standard English grammar rules.

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day light (daylight) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    Vampires try to avoid the day light.

    Vampires try to avoid the daylight.

  • Correct:
    The flash lights the entire photo studio.
  • Correct:
    Sun lights the landscape, pain illuminates the soul.
  • Correct:
    The sky lights up when the sun comes out.
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