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Linguix Paraphraser is a tool that helps you rewrite and enhance any sentence.

Regardless of who you are or what you do, Linguix has writing and research tools to support you. Our paraphraser has been used by authors, students, researchers, journalists, attorneys, and everyone in between. Linguix is ready to help you boost your skills, because writing with confidence will change the way you interact with the world. Linguix is a top-rated paraphraser, give it a try today!

  • Vocabulary enhancements

    Rewrite and enhance any sentence

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  • Find the right synonym

    Enhance your vocabulary

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Linguix is an artificial intelligence-based tools platform for better and faster online writing.
Grammar checker
grammar checker

This tool will help you to find and eliminate mistakes in your English writing.

Plagiarism Checker
Plagiarism Checker

Will help you to find passages that require citations and properly credit your sources.


Automate everyday typing tasks with shortcuts (content templates) and save up to $10,600 a year!

Use Linguix
everywhere you write


Linguix Apps

Get audience-specific corrections, access statistics, and view readability scores.

Browser Extensions

Get your writing checked on millions of websites, including Gmail, Facebook, and Google Docs.

Linguix Keyboard

Make your content read and look better on mobile.

MS Office add-ins

Download Linguix for Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook to check grammar, punctuation, and style instantly right in your documents.

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“Forget about Grammarly, that's nothing compared to this”

Whether you’re writing emails, essays, or social media posts, Linguix's AI-based tools have your back covered.

Our goal here at Linguix is to help people worldwide communicate freely. Our paraphrasing tool is designed to ensure you always use the right words. Linguix Paraphraser can rephrase any texts in seconds using an AI-based algorithm that guarantees the perfect and most suitable language. Simply enter your text into the input box and our artificial intelligence will generate a rewrite from the original piece of content. It's that easy, just try it!

Writing assistant and paraphrasing tool

Our paraphrasing tool is designed to make sure you always use the right words. Once you're done with rephrasing, Linguix will alert you to any errors in your content so that you can fix them quickly.

Language skill improvement platform

Linguix is a personalized writing and language skills improvement system that creates tailored language trainings based on the mistakes you make while writing. So, Linguix is fixing your writing right away plus helping avoid them in the future! All you need is just install our browser extension and start writing to show the Writing Coach what you need to work on.

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