Common mistake writed (wrote)

The Common Mistake: "Writed" instead of "Wrote"

One common grammatical error that many people make is using the word "writed" as the past tense of the verb "write." However, the correct past tense form of "write" is actually "wrote."


In English, regular verbs typically form their past tense by adding an -ed suffix to the base form of the verb. For example:

  • Walk - Walked
  • Talk - Talked
  • Play - Played

However, there are some irregular verbs that do not follow this pattern, and "write" is one of them. The past tense form of "write" is "wrote."


  • Incorrect: I writed a letter to my friend yesterday.
  • Correct: I wrote a letter to my friend yesterday.

It's important to remember that "writed" is not a correct word in English, and using it can lead to confusion and misunderstandings. Always use "wrote" when referring to the past tense of "write."

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writed (wrote) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    He writed a book.

    He wrote a book.

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