Common mistake Words that doesn't (don't)

Common Grammar Mistakes: Words That Don't Agree

One of the most common grammatical errors that people make is the incorrect agreement between words. This can cause confusion and undermine the clarity of your writing. In this article, we will focus on a specific type of agreement mistake involving plural nouns and verb forms.

Subject-Verb Agreement and Plural Nouns

Subject-verb agreement is the rule that states that the verb in a sentence must agree in number with its subject. When the subject is plural, the verb must be in a plural form as well. However, many people mistakenly use singular verbs instead. Let's look at two examples:

  • Mistake 1: "Words that doesn't"
  • Mistake 2: "The plural noun '\3' expects the verb form."
  • Mistake 3: "The plural noun '\4' expects the verb form."

In both of these examples, the plural nouns "words" and "plural noun" should be paired with the plural form of the verb, "don't" instead of "doesn't." The correct sentences should be:

  • "Words that don't"
  • "The plural noun '\3' expects the verb form."
  • "The plural noun '\4' expects the verb form."

It's important to pay attention to subject-verb agreement when writing, as the incorrect use of verb forms can lead to confusion and make your writing less effective.

Linguix Grammar Checker

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Words that doesn't (don't) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    Words that doesn't exist.

    Words that don't exist.

  • Correct:
    These days that is becoming a rare find.
  • Incorrect:
    There are many words that doesn't exist.

    There are many words that don't exist.

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