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Common Mistakes in English Grammar

English grammar can be quite tricky, even for native speakers. Many people make common mistakes when it comes to grammar rules, resulting in incorrect sentences and misunderstandings. In this article, we will explore some of these common mistakes and provide examples to illustrate them.

Apostrophe Misuse

One of the most common grammar mistakes involves the misuse of apostrophes. Apostrophes are typically used to show possession or indicate a contraction, not to make a word plural. For example:

  • Incorrect: The dog's are barking loudly.
  • Correct: The dogs are barking loudly.

Subject-Verb Agreement

Another common mistake is the lack of subject-verb agreement. This means that the subject of a sentence must agree with the verb in terms of number (singular or plural). For example:

  • Incorrect: The book on the table was expensive.
  • Correct: The books on the table were expensive.

Run-on Sentences

Run-on sentences occur when two or more independent clauses are joined together without proper punctuation. These sentences can be confusing and difficult to read. For example:

  • Incorrect: I went to the store I bought some groceries.
  • Correct: I went to the store, and I bought some groceries.

Misplaced Modifier

A misplaced modifier occurs when a word or phrase is not located next to the word it is supposed to modify, resulting in a confusing or nonsensical sentence. For example:

  • Incorrect: After eating, the pizza tasted delicious.
  • Correct: After eating, I found the pizza tasted delicious.

Linguix Grammar Checker

To avoid these common grammar mistakes, you can use the Linguix grammar checker. The Linguix grammar checker is a powerful tool that helps you spot errors and offers suggestions for improvement. It can be a great asset for anyone looking to enhance their writing and communicate effectively.

JavaScript mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    He's a java script programmer.

    He's a JavaScript programmer.

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