Common mistake U're (You're)

Common Mistake: U're vs You're

One common mistake that is frequently made in written communication is the incorrect use of "u're" instead of "you're."

When texting or messaging, it can be tempting to use abbreviations, but it is important to remember that proper grammar should still be used. "U're" is not a correct abbreviation for "you're."

The correct contraction is "you're," which is short for "you are." This contraction is used to indicate possession or to describe someone. For example, "You're my best friend" or "You're going to have a great time."


  • Incorrect: U're going to love the new restaurant.
  • Correct: You're going to love the new restaurant.

To avoid this common mistake, it's important to take the time to use the proper contraction, "you're," instead of using "u're."

Linguix grammar checker can also be a helpful tool to catch these types of mistakes and provide suggestions for improvement.

U're (You're) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    U're my best friend.

    You're my best friend.

  • Incorrect:
    U re my best friend.

    You're my best friend.

  • Correct:
    When T and U are composable continuous linear maps, ...
  • Incorrect:
    U r the best.

    You are the best.

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