Common mistake can (do) anything for you

Common Mistake: Omitting the Verb in the Sentence

One of the most common grammatical mistakes is forgetting to include the verb in a sentence. This error often occurs when we use the phrase "can (do) anything for you."

The correct form of this phrase should be "can (verb) anything for you." By omitting the verb, we leave the sentence incomplete and confuse the reader. Let's see some examples:


  • Can help anything for you?
  • Can fix anything for you?
  • Can buy anything for you?

In each of these examples, the verb is missing, making the sentences grammatically incorrect.


  • Can I help you with anything?
  • Can I fix anything for you?
  • Can I buy anything for you?

By adding the appropriate verb, we create clear, complete sentences that convey our message correctly. Remember to always include the verb when constructing a sentence to avoid this common mistake.

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can (do) anything for you mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    Let us know when we can anything for you.

    Let us know when we can do anything for you.

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