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Giving context-appropriate recommendations,
Linguix makes your sentences as clean as a whistle.

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AI-based writing assistant that will help you master your content

More than 1700 AI-powered patterns for finding errors

2000+ context-based rules to master grammar and style

Database of more than 9M typos to correct

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Giving context-appropriate recommendations, Linguix makes your sentences as clean as a whistle.
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Your Business Needs the Right Content
Your Business Needs the Right Content

Use Linguix Premium to boost your message and how you express it.

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Rely on us (and our algorithm)

Rely on Us (And Our Algorithm)

By analyzing your writing we are able to identify and correct the full range of possible mistakes – in grammar, vocabulary, syntax, spelling and even word choice.

Missing articles

No more missing articles and always clear messages.

Repetitive words

Expand, enrich, enlarge your vocabulary!

Misspelled words

Our corrections are intuitive and always 100%.
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Getting Better and Better

Mistake correction only is not about Linguix. Beside “text post-service”, it gives contextual recommendations and tracks your progress — to help you avoid further inaccuracies.

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Omni-Purpose Success Assistant

For big and small deeds, Linguix will be equally handy and excellent. AI-based writing will support you for any text – education, business, personal.

Omni-Purpose Success Assistant

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