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Multilingual grammar and spell check

With our Writing Assistant, your team can effortlessly check their documents in six languages. 

Simply write or paste your content, and our advanced system will automatically detect the language and generate suggestions to improve your writing.


AI-based writing assistant

Make sure your team makes no mistakes by using AI-fueled grammar, punctuation and style suggestions.

Make sure you’re reaching the right audience with the right message!


Text Rewriter

Linguix browser extension and Web Editor allow your team members to instantly rewrite whole sentences.

Make your copy better by fixing all grammar mistakes, shortening or expanding messages.


Content Score

With Linguix's Content Quality Score feature, the text is thoroughly analyzed and assigned a score taking into consideration various factors that include sentence length, complexity of vocabulary, and the use of passive voice.

Benchmark your team’s content or copy created by tools such as ChatGPT.



Linguix browser extension and its built-in intelligent shortcuts allow you to reduce the time spent on email and social media writing by 90%.

Create your template and instantly expand it with one-word command ("//intro") to save time when typing on your most-used websites.


Style Guide

To ensure all corporate communications are clear, polite, and inclusive, use Style Guides to help employees avoid any mistakes that might have a considerable cost.

Use Style Guides to make sure event titles, executive names, or positions look professional and fuel trust.


Team Management

Performance stats and error count for every team member, readability scores, and email reports will help you to identify and fix issues early.

Know who in your team publishes poor content and act early with our in-depth employee writing activity reports.

AI assistant for multiple business verticals

Easily onboard your team, assign roles, and track the quality of communications

  • Sales teams

    Intelligent paraphraser helps your sales reps to create compelling intro messages and proposals that drive sales.

  • Marketing teams

    Make sure your team makes no mistakes by using AI-fueled grammar, punctuation and style suggestions.

    Make sure you’re reaching the right audience with the right message!

  • Customer Support

    Use our Turbo app to create shortcuts to answer frequent requests. Make sure your support agents communicate consistently and close tickets fast.


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[Linguix is] the Grammarly destroyer you've been waiting for. Linguix brings everything to the table that its competitor does, plus some amazing features. The Ul is definitely preferable and very clean.
Christopher J.

Christopher J. CEO at Owl SEMANTICS

Great tool for grammar checking and writing skill improvement. I type, get my fixes, and then Linguix offers me tailored language training.
This is just amazing!
Jane I.

Jane l. CEO IQClub

We have been using Linguix for over a year now, and we have found it an amazing tool to reduce common writing issues. The ability to check work as it is being written, and the added help when editing makes it a vital part of the CG Magazine process.

Brendan Frye Editor-in-Chief CGMagazine


How Smile Bright Media Agency Cut Editing Time by 68% With Linguix

We wanted faster content approval. And we got it!

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