Common mistake I not sure (I am not sure)

Common Mistakes in English Grammar

English grammar can be a tricky subject, even for native speakers. There are many common mistakes that people make, often without even realizing it. In this article, we will explore some of these mistakes and provide examples to help you understand and avoid them.

1. Incorrect Use of "I" and "Me"

One common mistake is the incorrect use of "I" and "me" in sentences. Many people use them interchangeably, but they have different purposes. "I" is used as the subject of a sentence, while "me" is used as the object. For example:

  • Incorrect: Me and John went to the store.
  • Correct: John and I went to the store.

2. Using "Your" Instead of "You're"

Another common mistake is using "your" instead of "you're." "Your" is a possessive pronoun, while "you're" is a contraction of "you are." The two have different meanings and should not be confused. For example:

  • Incorrect: Your going to love this movie.
  • Correct: You're going to love this movie.

3. Confusing "Its" and "It's"

Confusing "its" and "it's" is another common mistake. "Its" is a possessive pronoun, indicating ownership, while "it's" is a contraction of "it is." Take a look at the following example:

  • Incorrect: The dog wagged it's tail.
  • Correct: The dog wagged its tail.

Linguix Grammar Checker

Using a tool like Linguix Grammar Checker can help you identify and fix these common grammatical mistakes, along with many others. Whether you're a student, a professional, or simply someone who wants to improve their English, Linguix can assist you in writing error-free content.

I not sure (I am not sure) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    He not sure about it.

    He is not sure about it.

  • Correct:
    He not only speaks French, but he speaks Spanish, too.
  • Incorrect:
    They not sure about it.

    They are not sure about it.

  • Incorrect:
    I not sure about it.

    I am not sure about it.

  • Correct:
    Am I not beautiful?
  • Correct:
    Why was I not aware of this?
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