Common mistake missing 'be' in 'Would it possible'

Common Mistakes in English Grammar

As a language that has evolved over hundreds of years, English can be quite tricky to master. It's no wonder that even native speakers often make grammar mistakes. Understanding these common errors can help you improve your own writing and speaking skills. In this article, we'll explore some of the most common grammar mistakes in English.

Mistake: Missing 'be' in questions

One common error is leaving out the verb 'be' in questions. For example, instead of saying "Would it be possible to schedule a meeting?", people might mistakenly say "Would it possible to schedule a meeting?"

Mistake: Incorrect use of adverbs

Another common mistake is using adverbs incorrectly. For instance, using 'badly' instead of 'bad' is a typical error. While 'bad' is an adjective used to describe nouns, 'badly' is an adverb used to describe verbs. So, it would be more appropriate to say "He played bad" instead of "He played badly."

Mistake: Missing verbs

Missing a verb is another frequent error made in English grammar. For example, instead of saying "She is going to the store," someone might mistakenly say "She going to the store." In such cases, a verb such as 'is' is missing, which makes the sentence grammatically incorrect.

Mistake: Incorrect subject-verb agreement

Subject-verb agreement errors occur when the subject and the verb do not match in number. For instance, saying "The book are on the table" is incorrect because 'book' is a singular noun, so the verb 'are' should be replaced with 'is.'

Mistake: Misusing apostrophes

Apostrophes are often misused in English grammar. One common mistake is using an apostrophe to form plural nouns, such as saying "I have three apple's." However, apostrophes should only be used to show possession or contraction, not to form plurals. The correct sentence would be "I have three apples."

In conclusion, English grammar can be challenging, and even native speakers make mistakes. However, by familiarizing yourself with common errors and practicing your grammar skills, you can improve your writing and speaking abilities. Remember to proofread your work and consider using a grammar checker like Linguix to catch any grammar mistakes before submitting your writing.

missing 'be' in 'Would it possible' mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    They need it bad.

    They need it badly.

  • Incorrect:
    Would it great?

    Would it be great?

  • Incorrect:
    Would it possible for us to track it?

    Would it be possible for us to track it?

  • Correct:
    Or would it more likely be the transmission?
  • Correct:
    So, if you really need it broken out in 100ms blocks you probably need to split it up.
  • Correct:
    So would it shortcut to the troops menu and actually go there (with Troops filtered by Adana automatically) or would it be another window/popup on top of the existing window?
  • Correct:
    Different error: How bad could it possible be?
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