Common mistake have twitter (have Twitter / have twittered)

Common Grammar Mistake: "have twitter"

Using "have Twitter" instead of "have twittered"

When it comes to using Twitter, the popular social media platform, there is often confusion about the correct verb form to use. Many people make the mistake of saying "have Twitter" instead of "have twittered."

Let's clarify the proper usage:

  • Correct: "I have twittered about my new blog article."
  • Incorrect: "I have Twittered about my new blog article."

The difference in capitalization is crucial in this case. "Twitter" with a capital "T" refers to the platform itself, whereas "twittered" with a lowercase "t" is the correct past tense form of the verb, meaning to post something on Twitter.

Here's another example:

  • Correct: "He often twittered about his love for coffee."
  • Incorrect: "He often has Twitter about his love for coffee."

Remember to use "twittered" in your sentences when referring to posting on Twitter rather than "have Twitter." This will help you to consistently use the correct verb form and avoid grammatical errors.

And if you're worried about making other grammar mistakes, consider using a tool like Linguix grammar checker. It can help you catch errors and improve your overall writing.

have twitter (have Twitter / have twittered) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    I have twitter.

    I have Twitter|have twittered.

  • Correct:
    Some countries also have visa and/or health requirements.
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