Common mistake missing hyphen in 'dry erase'

Common Mistake: Missing Hyphen in 'Dry Erase'

One common mistake that people often make is forgetting to include a hyphen when writing the term 'dry erase'. The correct spelling of this adjective is 'dry-erase' with a hyphen between the words.

Using a hyphen in compound words like 'dry-erase' is essential because it helps to clarify the relationship between the words and ensures that the meaning is conveyed correctly. In this case, 'dry' functions as an adjective describing the type of erase, so it needs to be joined with a hyphen to create the compound adjective 'dry-erase'.


  • I need a \3-\4 marker for the whiteboard.
  • Remember to use a \3-\4 cloth to clean the board.
  • We offer a wide range of \3-\4 products.

Not only does using a hyphen in compound words like 'dry-erase' adhere to proper grammar rules, but it also facilitates clear and effective communication. It ensures that the reader understands the intended meaning without any confusion.

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missing hyphen in 'dry erase' mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    He loves the smell of of dry erase markers.

    He loves the smell of of dry-erase markers.

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