Common mistake missing hyphen in 'one night stand'

Common Mistakes in English Grammar

Missing Hyphen in Compound Words

One of the common mistakes in English grammar is the omission of the hyphen in compound words. Compound words are created by combining two or more words together to form a new word with a different meaning. The hyphen is used to connect these words and clarify their relationship.

One example of this mistake is the term "one night stand." In this phrase, "one night" describes the duration, and "stand" refers to a casual sexual encounter. To correctly write this term, it should be hyphenated as "one-night stand."

The hyphen serves as a separator between the words, helping readers understand that "one" and "night" are modifying the noun "stand." Without the hyphen, the meaning may be unclear or misinterpreted.

Here are a few more examples of compound words that often have missing hyphens:

  • High school (correct: high-school)
  • Wellbeing (correct: well-being)
  • Fulltime (correct: full-time)
  • Motherinlaw (correct: mother-in-law)

By using hyphens correctly in compound words, you can ensure clear communication and avoid confusion. A helpful tool like the Linguix grammar checker can also assist you in identifying and correcting such mistakes.

missing hyphen in 'one night stand' mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    Tom and Mary had a one night stand.

    Tom and Mary had a one-night stand.

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