Common mistake under cover (undercover)

Common Grammar Mistakes: Under Cover vs. Undercover

English grammar can be tricky, and there are many common mistakes that people make. One such mistake is the confusion between "under cover" and "undercover". Let's delve into this issue and clear up any confusion.

Under Cover

The phrase "under cover" consists of two separate words: "under" and "cover". When used together, they convey the meaning of something being beneath or below a covering or shelter. For example:

  • The cat hid under the cover of the bed.
  • I found a note hidden under the book cover.
  • She sat under the cover of a large tree.

Here, "under" refers to the position or location, while "cover" refers to the object or structure that provides protection or concealment.


The word "undercover", on the other hand, is an adjective that means working or operating secretly or covertly, especially in the context of espionage or law enforcement. It is one word, not two separate words. For example:

  • The detective went undercover to infiltrate the criminal organization.
  • She worked as an undercover agent for several years.
  • They conducted an undercover operation to expose the drug cartel.

Here, "undercover" is used to describe something that is done or happening clandestinely, usually with an element of subterfuge or disguise. It is an important term in the realm of spy thrillers and crime novels.

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under cover (undercover) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    He is an under cover agent.

    He is an undercover agent.

  • Correct:
    We advanced under cover of darkness.
  • Correct:
    The tiger salamander (Ambystoma tigrinum) is typical of the frogs and salamanders that hide under cover ready to ambush unwary invertebrates.
  • Correct:
    When it started to rain we got under cover.
  • Correct:
    Store seats under cover before the bad weather sets in.
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