Common mistake confusion of ride/right

Confusion of Ride/Right

One commonly encountered mistake in English grammar is the confusion between the words "ride" and "right". While they may sound similar and have some overlapping meanings, they are distinct words with different definitions. Let's take a closer look at the proper usage of each word to avoid any confusion.


The word "ride" is primarily used as a verb and refers to the action of traveling or being transported in a vehicle, especially a car, bike, or horse. It implies sitting or moving on a vehicle or animal. For example:

  • I enjoy going for a bike ride in the park.
  • She rides her horse every evening.
  • We are planning to take a ride on the roller coaster.


The word "right" has multiple meanings and can be used as an adjective, noun, adverb, or verb. Here are some of its commonly used definitions:

  • As an adjective, "right" means correct or appropriate. For example:
    • Please choose the right answer.
    • You are in the right place.
  • As a noun, "right" can refer to a moral or legal entitlement or the opposite of left. For example:
    • Everyone has the right to freedom of speech.
    • Turn right at the next intersection.
  • As an adverb, "right" means in a just or fair manner or directly. For example:
    • He always does the right thing.
    • The museum is right next to the park.
  • As a verb, "right" means to correct or make something right. For example:
    • Please right the wrongs you have committed.

It's essential to pay attention to context and use the correct word to ensure clarity and avoid misunderstandings. If you struggle with such common mistakes, using a grammar checker like Linguix can help identify and correct errors in your writing.

confusion of ride/right mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    Am I ride?

    Am I right?

  • Incorrect:
    I am ride.

    I am right.

  • Incorrect:
    They have been ride about it.

    They have been right about it.

  • Incorrect:
    She's ride.

    She's right.

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