Common mistake a quite while (quite a while)

A Common Mistake: "a quite while" vs "quite a while"

One of the most common mistakes in English grammar is the incorrect use of the phrase "a quite while" instead of "quite a while". This error in word order can lead to confusion and make your writing sound awkward or unnatural. Let's take a closer look at the correct usage of this phrase and understand why it is important to get it right.

The Correct Phrase: "Quite a While"

The correct phrase is "quite a while," where "quite" is an adverb that means "to a considerable extent" or "fairly," and "a while" refers to an extended period of time.

For example, instead of saying, "I haven't seen him in a quite while," the correct form would be, "I haven't seen him in quite a while." The placement of "quite" before "a while" ensures that the phrase is grammatically correct and conveys the intended meaning.

The Incorrect Phrase: "A Quite While"

Using "a quite while" is incorrect because the adverb "quite" should come after the indefinite article "a" and before the noun "while."

Incorrect example: "He has been waiting for a quite while."
Corrected example: "He has been waiting for quite a while."

Incorrect example: "It took her a quite while to finish the book."
Corrected example: "It took her quite a while to finish the book."

By reversing the word order and using "quite a while" instead of "a quite while," your sentences will sound more natural and follow the standard rules of English grammar.

In summary, always remember to use "quite a while" instead of "a quite while" to ensure the correct word order in your sentences. By paying attention to such details, you can improve the clarity and effectiveness of your writing.

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a quite while (quite a while) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    It was a quite while since he appeared last on TV.

    It was quite a while since he appeared last on TV.

  • Incorrect:
    There's a quite confusion around this matter.

    There's quite a confusion around this matter.

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