Common mistake missing hyphen in 'no-go'

Common Mistakes in English Grammar

Missing Hyphen in Compound Words

One common mistake that many people make in English grammar is forgetting to include a hyphen in compound words. Compound words are words that are made up of two or more words joined together to form a new word with a different meaning.

For example, the expression "no go" is usually spelled with a hyphen as "no-go." This is because the hyphen is used to connect the two words and indicate that they are being used together as a single unit.

  • Incorrect: This is a nogo zone.
  • Correct: This is a no-go zone.

Another example is the expression "one-on-one," which is used to describe a situation where two people or things are directly facing each other.

  • Incorrect: I had a one on one meeting with my boss.
  • Correct: I had a one-on-one meeting with my boss.

Using a hyphen in compound words is important because it helps to clarify the meaning of the word or phrase and makes it easier for readers to understand the intended message.

About Linguix Grammar Checker

Linguix Grammar Checker is a useful tool that can help you identify and correct common grammar mistakes, including missing hyphens in compound words. It can be a great aid in improving your writing skills and ensuring that your content is error-free.

missing hyphen in 'no-go' mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    It seems to be a no go area.

    It seems to be a no-go area.

  • Incorrect:
    That's a no go.

    That's a no-go.

  • Correct:
    It's a no go away.
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