Common mistake She bents (bends)

Common Grammar Mistakes: Correct Usage of Words

As an English grammar guru, I often come across common mistakes that people make in their writing. In this article, I will address one such mistake regarding the correct usage of certain words.

The Mistake: "She bents" instead of "She bends"

One of the most common errors I encounter is the incorrect usage of verb tenses. Many people mistakenly use the past tense form of a verb when they should be using the present tense.

For example, instead of saying "She bends," some individuals say "She bents." This mistake often occurs because the person thinks that the word "bent" is the past tense form of the verb "to bend," just like "went" is the past tense of "to go."

However, the correct present tense form of the verb "to bend" is indeed "bends." Here are a few examples to illustrate the correct usage:

  • Incorrect: She bents down to pick up the book.
  • Correct: She bends down to pick up the book.
  • Incorrect: The tree bents in the strong wind.
  • Correct: The tree bends in the strong wind.
  • Incorrect: He bents the wire to create a loop.
  • Correct: He bends the wire to create a loop.

It's essential to pay attention to the correct tense of the verb to ensure clarity and accuracy in your writing.

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Linguix Grammar Checker is an innovative tool that can help you identify and correct various grammar mistakes in your writing. With the ability to detect errors like the one mentioned in this article, it can significantly improve the overall quality of your writing.

She bents (bends) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    She bents down.

    She bends down.

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