Common mistake 'the built'

The Common Mistake: 'the built'

One common grammar mistake that many people make is using the phrase 'the built' incorrectly. This error is often seen in sentences where the intended meaning is related to construction or creation.

The Correct Usage:

When referring to something that has been constructed or created, the correct form to use is 'the noun build'. For example:

  • Correct: The city skyline is a beautiful sight with its impressive buildings.
  • Incorrect: The city skyline is a beautiful sight with its impressive builts.

In the incorrect example, 'builts' is not a proper word, and it should be replaced with 'buildings' to convey the intended meaning. Remember, 'builts' is not a plural form of 'built'.

Why is it important to avoid this mistake?

Using incorrect grammar not only affects the overall clarity of your writing but also leaves a negative impression on your audience. By using the correct phrase 'the noun build', you can ensure that your message is accurately conveyed and understood by your readers.

Using a grammar checker like Linguix can help you catch and correct mistakes like 'the built' and many others. With its advanced algorithms, Linguix can provide real-time suggestions and improve your writing skills significantly.

'the built' mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    The built is failing.

    The build is failing.

  • Incorrect:
    I have restarted the built.

    I have restarted the build.

  • Correct:
    How it's built.
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