Common mistake fresh up -> freshen up

Common Mistake: "Fresh Up" instead of "Freshen Up"

Many people make the common mistake of using the phrase "fresh up" instead of the correct phrase "freshen up". While "fresh up" may sound similar, it is not grammatically correct.


"Freshen up" is a phrasal verb that means to make oneself look or feel clean, neat, or refreshed. It is commonly used when someone wants to quickly freshen their appearance or feel more awake.

On the other hand, "fresh up" is not a valid English phrase and has no specific meaning. This misunderstanding often occurs due to confusion between the phrasal verbs "freshen up" and "fresh up".

Correct Usage Examples:

  • I need to freshen up before the meeting.
  • She freshened up her makeup before going out.
  • He freshens up by taking a shower in the morning.

By using "freshen up" correctly in your writing and conversation, you will avoid the common mistake of saying "fresh up".

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fresh up -> freshen up mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    I need to fresh up my skills.

    I need to freshen up my skills.

  • Correct:
    It helps with my paranoia some because I'm not afraid to straight up ask someone if they hate me or not.
  • Incorrect:
    Please fresh up your skills.

    Please freshen up your skills.

  • Incorrect:
    Let's fresh up our skills.

    Let's freshen up our skills.

  • Incorrect:
    He freshes up the documentation.

    He freshen up the documentation.

  • Incorrect:
    This will bright my day.

    This will brighten my day.

  • Incorrect:
    You bright my day.

    You brighten my day.

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