Common mistake Take it personal (personally)

Common Grammar Mistakes: Take it Personal vs. Take it Personally

When it comes to grammar, small mistakes can make a big difference. One common mistake that many people make is using the term "take it personal" instead of "take it personally." While these two phrases may seem similar, they have different meanings and usage in English language.

Take it Personal

The phrase "take it personal" is often used in informal conversation, and it is incorrect. The word "personal" is an adjective in this context, which means it describes something or someone. For example, "I take my work personal" implies that the speaker takes their work as a personal matter, which may not be the intended meaning.

Take it Personally

The correct phrase is "take it personally." Here, "personally" is an adverb, which modifies the verb "take." When you take something personally, you interpret or perceive it as a direct insult or attack against yourself. For instance, "She didn't mean to offend you, so don't take her comments personally."

So, the next time someone says something that could be offensive, remember to take it personally, not personal.

  • Incorrect: I take your criticism personal.
  • Correct: I take your criticism personally.

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Take it personal (personally) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    Don't take it personal.

    Don't take it personally.

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