Common mistake wrong preposition: 'discuss about something' (discuss something)

Common Grammar Mistake: Incorrect Use of Prepositions

One common mistake that many English speakers make is the incorrect use of prepositions. More specifically, using unnecessary prepositions, such as 'about' in the phrase 'discuss about something.'

The Correct Usage

When we want to talk about a specific topic or subject, we should simply use the verb 'discuss' followed by the topic itself. There is no need to include the preposition 'about'.

Incorrect: Let's discuss about the upcoming project.

Correct: Let's discuss the upcoming project.

By removing the unnecessary preposition 'about,' the sentence becomes more concise and grammatically correct.

Alternative Prepositions

In some cases, an alternative preposition may be more appropriate depending on the context. Here are a couple of examples:

  • Discuss with: When you want to indicate that a conversation involves multiple participants, you can use the preposition 'with.'
  • Example: Let's discuss the project with the whole team.

  • Discuss among: When you want to highlight a group discussion or conversation, 'among' can be used.
  • Example: Let's discuss this matter among ourselves before making a decision.

Remember, it's important to choose the right preposition based on the intended meaning of your sentence.

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wrong preposition: 'discuss about something' (discuss something) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    Do you have a few minutes to discuss about this project?

    Do you have a few minutes to discuss|talk about this project?

  • Incorrect:
    Have you discussed about the project?

    Have you discussed|talked about the project?

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