Common mistake a fleet of ships have (has)

Common Grammar Mistakes: Agreement Errors

One of the most common errors in English grammar is the incorrect agreement between subject and verb. This mistake often occurs when dealing with collective nouns, such as "a fleet of ships."

The Mistake:

The error lies in the incorrect use of the verb "have" instead of "has" in sentences referring to a singular collective noun.

Example: "A fleet of ships have set sail."

The Solution:

The correct form to use in this case is "has," as the phrase "a fleet of ships" is considered a singular entity.

Example: "A fleet of ships has set sail."

This rule applies to other collective nouns as well, such as "team," "group," "pack," or "herd."

Example: "The team has won the championship."

To avoid this agreement error, it is important to identify whether the subject is singular or plural before determining the appropriate verb form.

Linguix Grammar Checker: A Helpful Tool

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a fleet of ships have (has) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    A fleet of ships have been spotted.

    A fleet of ships has been spotted.

  • Correct:
    A fleet of ships has been spotted.
  • Correct:
    A couple of developers have let me know they are discussing your issue.
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