Common mistake we + ... + are + base form verb (gerund)

Common Mistake: Incorrect Use of the Verb "to be" with Base Form Verbs (Gerunds)

One common mistake that often arises in English grammar is the incorrect use of the verb "to be" with base form verbs, also known as gerunds. This error can lead to confusion and can affect the overall clarity and correctness of your sentences.

Understanding Gerunds

Before delving into the mistake, let's first understand what gerunds are. Gerunds are verbs that function as nouns and end in -ing. They are formed by adding -ing to the base form of a verb. For example:

  • "I enjoy swimming in the ocean."
  • "He has a passion for playing the guitar."
  • "Her favorite hobby is reading books."

Note that gerunds can be used as the subject of a sentence, as objects, or even after prepositions.

The Mistake: Incorrect Use of "to be" with Gerunds

The mistake occurs when the verb "to be" is used before a base form verb. Let's look at an example:

  • Incorrect: "I am swim in the ocean."
  • Correct: "I am swimming in the ocean."

In this example, the verb "am" should be followed by the gerund "swimming," not the base form verb "swim."

This mistake can also occur with other forms of "to be," such as "is," "are," "was," and "were." Here is another example:

  • Incorrect: "They were play basketball."
  • Correct: "They were playing basketball."

Again, the verb "were" should be followed by the gerund "playing," not the base form verb "play."

The Correct Usage: "to be" + Gerund

To correct this mistake, simply use the appropriate form of "to be" followed by the gerund:

  • "She is reading a book."
  • "We were watching a movie."
  • "I am writing an article."

Using the correct form of "to be" with gerunds will help ensure that your sentences are grammatically correct and effectively convey your intended meaning.

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we + ... + are + base form verb (gerund) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    Today we still are fly to space.

    Today we still are flying to space.

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