Common mistake missing hyphen in 'all time high'

The Importance of Hyphens in Grammar: Common Mistakes to Avoid


Proper grammar and punctuation are essential for effective communication. One area that often causes confusion is the use of hyphens. Hyphens play a significant role in connecting words and creating clarity in writing. In this article, we will explore a common mistake related to hyphen usage and provide examples to help you grasp the concept.

The Mistake: Missing Hyphens in Compound Modifiers

One common mistake that people make is forgetting to include a hyphen in compound modifiers. Compound modifiers are groups of words that work together to describe a noun. When compound modifiers come before a noun they modify, they should be hyphenated.

Let's look at an example:

  • Incorrect: The research paper is an all time high.
  • Correct: The research paper is an all-time high.

In the incorrect example, the phrase "all time high" is used as a modifier for the noun "research paper." However, since it is a compound modifier that comes before the noun, it should be hyphenated as "all-time high" to indicate that it functions as a single unit to describe the noun.

When to Use Hyphens in Compound Modifiers

Now that we understand the mistake, let's examine when to use hyphens in compound modifiers.

1. Adjective + Noun:

  • Incorrect: She has a part time job.
  • Correct: She has a part-time job.

2. Adverb + Adjective:

  • Incorrect: It was an unusually long delay.
  • Correct: It was an unusually-long delay.

3. Adjective + Noun + Noun:

  • Incorrect: He is a full time employee.
  • Correct: He is a full-time employee.

Linguix Grammar Checker

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missing hyphen in 'all time high' mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    He is the best all time goalscorer.

    He is the best all-time goalscorer.

  • Incorrect:
    He is the best all time goalscorer.

    He is the best all-time goalscorer.

  • Correct:
    He is the best of all time.
  • Correct:
    Please update all time sheet records.
  • Correct:
    Because Antarctica surrounds the South Pole, it is theoretically located in all time zones.
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