Common mistake show case (showcase)

Common Spelling Mistakes: Show Case vs. Showcase

One common spelling mistake that many people make is confusing the terms "show case" and "showcase." While they may sound similar, they have different meanings and are spelled differently.

Show Case

The term "show case" consists of two separate words: "show" and "case." The noun "show" refers to a performance or presentation, while "case" refers to a container or display for holding or exhibiting something.

For example:

  • I bought a new display case for my collectibles, so I can show them off at the exhibition.
  • The store has a dedicated section with glass cases to showcase their latest products.

As you can see, "show case" refers to the act of displaying something in a container or case.


In contrast, the term "showcase" is a single word. It is a noun that refers to an event, platform, or opportunity to display or exhibit something, often with the intention of promoting or highlighting its features or qualities.

For example:

  • The fashion show was a perfect showcase for the designer's latest collection.
  • The trade fair provided a great showcase for new technological innovations.

As you can see, "showcase" refers to an event or platform used to exhibit or promote something.

It's important to note that "showcase" can also be used as a verb, meaning to exhibit or display something prominently:

  • The artist's work was showcased in a solo exhibition at the gallery.
  • The company's latest product was showcased at the industry conference.

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So, next time you are writing about a display of your collectibles or a platform to promote your latest creations, remember the difference between "show case" and "showcase."

show case (showcase) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    He prepared a show case for the presentation.

    He prepared a showcase for the presentation.

  • Incorrect:
    It is show time!

    It is showtime!

  • Incorrect:
    We will show case the product at the event.

    We will showcase the product at the event.

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