Common mistake Kellogg's

Common Mistake: Kellogg's

The correct spelling of the food company

Kellogg's is the correct spelling of the food company that is known for its iconic breakfast cereals.

Many people mistakenly spell it as "Kelloggs" without the possessive apostrophe, but the correct spelling includes the apostrophe, signifying ownership or association.


Incorrect: I love eating Kelloggs cereals for breakfast.

Correct: I love eating Kellogg's cereals for breakfast.

The correct spelling with the possessive apostrophe is important to maintain the brand's identity and proper grammar usage.

It is worth noting that tools like Linguix grammar checker can help identify such common mistakes and provide suggestions for correct spelling and grammar.

Kellogg's mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    He likes to eat Kellogs for breakfast.

    He likes to eat Kellogg's for breakfast.

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