Common mistake missing hyphen in 'a 32 bit processor'

Common Mistakes in English Grammar

Missing Hyphens in Compound Words

One common mistake in English grammar is the omission of hyphens in compound words. Compound words are formed by combining two or more words to create a new word with a specific meaning. In some cases, a hyphen needs to be included between the words to clarify the relationship between them.

For example, when describing a processor that has a word length of 32 bits, the correct usage would be "a 32-bit processor" with a hyphen between "32" and "bit". This helps to ensure that the reader understands that the word "32" is modifying the word "bit" to describe the processor.

Incorrect: a 32 bit processor

Correct: a 32-bit processor

In some cases, omitting the hyphen can lead to confusion or ambiguity. Consider the following example:

Incorrect: a small business owner

Correct: a small-business owner

By including the hyphen, we clarify that the individual being referred to is a business owner who operates a small business, rather than a business owner who is physically small.

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missing hyphen in 'a 32 bit processor' mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    The website had a 2048 bit encryption.

    The website had a 2048-bit encryption.

  • Incorrect:
    He was playing 16 bit games on his old video console.

    He was playing 16-bit games on his old video console.

  • Correct:
    The encryption strength was only 512 bit.
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