Common mistake worse come to worse (worst)

Common Grammar Mistakes: "Worse Come to Worse" instead of "Worst"

When it comes to English grammar, there are certain mistakes that often go unnoticed but can affect the overall clarity and understanding of your writing. One such mistake is the incorrect usage of the phrase "worse come to worse" instead of "worst." In this article, we will explore the correct usage of these phrases and provide examples to help you avoid this common error.

Understanding the Difference between "Worst" and "Worse"

The words "worst" and "worse" are both forms of the adjective "bad." However, they have different meanings and uses in a sentence.

"Worst" is the superlative form of "bad," indicating the lowest degree of something negative. It is used when comparing three or more items. For example:

  • She is the worst cook in the family.
  • This is the worst movie I have ever seen.

"Worse" is the comparative form of "bad" and is used when comparing two items. For example:

  • I think this movie is worse than the one we saw last week.
  • His performance in the second half was worse than in the first half.

Avoiding the Mistake: "Worse Come to Worse"

The mistake of using "worse come to worse" instead of "worst" often occurs when expressing a situation where things have deteriorated to the lowest possible point. The correct phrase to use in such instances is "worst come to worst." This phrase means that, in the event of things getting as bad as they possibly can, the worst outcome is anticipated.

Here is an example of the correct usage:

  • If worst comes to worst, we can always find a new job.

With this correct usage, we can see that "worst come to worst" means that if the worst-case scenario happens, an alternative option is still available.

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worse come to worse (worst) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    Worse came to worse.

    Worse came to worst.

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