Common mistake whole sale (wholesale)

Common Mistake: Whole Sale

One of the most common spelling errors in the English language is using "whole sale" instead of "wholesale".

The Correct Spelling: Wholesale

The correct spelling of this word is "wholesale", which is written as one word.

When you see the term "wholesale", it means the sale of goods in large quantities, typically at a lower price than retail.

For example:

  • I buy my products at wholesale prices to sell them in my store.
  • The company offers a wholesale discount for bulk purchases.

It's important to use the correct spelling of "wholesale" as it not only helps you communicate effectively but also enhances your written language skills.

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whole sale (wholesale) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    Bottles from this region sell whole sale at about £72 a case.

    Bottles from this region sell wholesale at about £72 a case.

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