Common mistake bed room (bedroom)

Common Spelling Mistake: Bed Room

One of the most common spelling mistakes that people make is writing "bed room" as two separate words instead of the correct spelling, which is "bedroom" as one word.

This error often occurs when people try to describe a room in which a bed is located. Since both "bed" and "room" are separate words, it may seem logical to write them as two separate words, but in reality, "bedroom" is the correct way to spell it.


Incorrect: I need to clean my bed room before my guests arrive.

Correct: I need to clean my bedroom before my guests arrive.

Incorrect: This house has three bed rooms and two bathrooms.

Correct: This house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms.

By spelling "bedroom" as two separate words, you are not only making a spelling mistake but also potentially confusing the reader. It's important to use correct spelling in order to convey your message clearly.

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bed room (bedroom) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    Everyday, he wakes up in his bed room.

    Everyday, he wakes up in his bedroom.

  • Correct:
    Show room contents.
  • Correct:
    Mary Mac's Tea Room and Paschal's are more formal destinations for Southern food.
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