Common mistake climb on to (onto)

Common Mistake: Climb on to (onto)

One common mistake that many individuals make is the incorrect use of the prepositions "on to" and "onto" in writing and speaking. While the two phrases may seem similar, they have different meanings and usage rules.

The correct use of "onto"

The preposition "onto" is used to indicate movement or position on top or upwards. It is commonly used when someone or something is moving from one place to another and is physically getting on top of or onto something else.

  • Correct: The cat jumped onto the table.
  • Correct: She climbed onto the roof to fix the shingles.

The incorrect use of "on to"

Many people incorrectly use the phrase "on to" when they should be using "onto."

  • Incorrect: The bird flew on to the branch.
  • Incorrect: He stepped on to the bus.

In these cases, the correct usage would be to use "onto" instead of "on to."

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By understanding the difference between "on to" and "onto" and applying them correctly in your writing, you can avoid this common mistake and enhance the clarity and accuracy of your communication.

climb on to (onto) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    She climbed on to the roof.

    She climbed onto the roof.

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