Common mistake casted (cast)

Common Grammar Mistake: "Casted" (cast)

One of the most common grammar mistakes that people make is using the word "casted" instead of "cast" as the past tense or past participle of the verb "cast." However, this usage is incorrect and can be easily avoided by remembering the correct form of this verb.

The Correct Form: "Cast"

The word "cast" is an irregular verb, which means that its past tense and past participle do not follow the typical pattern of adding "-ed" to the base form. Instead, the correct forms of the verb "cast" are:

  • Base form: cast
  • Past tense: cast
  • Past participle: cast

Here are some examples of the correct usage of the verb "cast" in sentences:

  • He cast his fishing line into the river.
  • Last night, they cast the lead roles for the school play.
  • The director has cast a well-known actor in the lead role.

As you can see, the past tense and past participle forms of "cast" remain the same, making it easy to use this verb correctly in your writing or speech.

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casted (cast) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    He casted the book down on to the chair angrily.

    He cast the book down on to the chair angrily.

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