Common mistake missing hyphen in 'set top box'

Common Mistake: Missing Hyphen in 'Set-Top Box'

One common mistake that people often make is leaving out the hyphen when writing the term 'set-top box'.

A set-top box is a device used in entertainment systems to receive and decode digital television signals. It is often connected to a television and is used to access various channels and services.

When the term 'set-top box' is used as a modifier to describe something, such as 'set-top box technology' or 'set-top box features', it should be spelled with a hyphen.

For example:

  • Incorrect: I bought a new set top box for my television.
  • Correct: I bought a new set-top box for my television.

Leaving out the hyphen can change the meaning of the phrase and lead to confusion. It is important to remember to include the hyphen when using the term 'set-top box' in your writing.

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missing hyphen in 'set top box' mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    A set top box (STB), also colloquially known as a cable box is an information appliance.

    A set-top box (STB), also colloquially known as a cable box is an information appliance.

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