Common mistake missing hyphen in '7 figure salary'

Common Mistake: Missing Hyphen in '7 Figure Salary'


Proper grammar is essential for clear communication, and one common mistake that people often make is forgetting to use a hyphen when it is required. In this article, we will focus on the mistake of missing a hyphen in the term '7 figure salary.' We will explain when and how to use a hyphen correctly in this context.

The Mistake: Missing Hyphen

When using the phrase '7 figure salary' to describe a high-paying job or income, it is important to include a hyphen between the numeral and the word 'figure.' However, many people mistakenly write it without the hyphen, as '7 figure salary.'

Why Is the Hyphen Important?

The hyphen plays a crucial role in connecting the words '7' and 'figure' in the phrase '7 figure salary.' It acts as a modifier, indicating that the salary is in the millions. Without the hyphen, the phrase could be misinterpreted as seven separate figures or numbers, which is not the intended meaning.

Correct Usage Examples

  • She earns a 7-figure salary as a top executive in the company.
  • Many professional athletes enjoy a 7-figure salary as a result of lucrative endorsement deals.
  • Getting a 7-figure salary requires years of experience and exceptional skills in the field.

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missing hyphen in '7 figure salary' mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    He earns a 6 figure salary.

    He earns a 6-figure salary.

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