Common mistake kick start (kick-start)

Kick Start (Kick-Start)

The phrase "kick start" is commonly used to mean getting something or someone started or moving. However, it is often misspelled as "kickstart" without the hyphen. The correct spelling is "kick-start".

What is a hyphen and when should it be used?

A hyphen is a short horizontal line (-) used to join words together to form a compound word or to separate syllables. It is important to use hyphens correctly to maintain clarity and avoid confusion in writing.

One common use of a hyphen is in compound words like "kick-start." When two words are combined to form a compound word and they function together as a single concept, a hyphen is used to connect them.

For example:

  • Kick-start: to start or initiate something energetically.
  • High-tech: modern technology or advanced technology.
  • Well-known: famous or recognized by many.

Notice how the hyphen in these words helps to clarify the meaning of the compound words.

Common Mistake: Kickstart vs. Kick-Start

Many people mistakenly spell "kick start" without the hyphen, as "kickstart." This is a common error because it may seem logical to combine the two words without any punctuation. However, the correct spelling is "kick-start" with a hyphen.

Incorrect: kickstart

Correct: kick-start

Why is it important to use the hyphen correctly?

Using the hyphen correctly is important because it impacts the meaning and clarity of your writing. Incorrect usage of the hyphen can lead to confusion and misunderstanding. It is essential to follow grammar rules to ensure effective communication.

By using the hyphen correctly, you enhance the readability and professionalism of your writing. It shows that you have a good grasp of grammar rules and pay attention to detail.

Linguix grammar checker is an excellent tool that can help identify and correct hyphenation errors, among other grammar mistakes, providing writers with a convenient way to improve their writing and ensure accuracy.

kick start (kick-start) mistake examples

  • Incorrect:
    They need to kick start the economy.

    They need to kick-start the economy.

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